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Alaglide® Washrooms

Alaglide ® Cubicle Range : The new and revolutionary emergency access and space saving washroom solution from Crawford Integrated Systems

Designed to conform with the Approved Document M Regulations, with external access achievable within 15 seconds.

Although the door itself is non demountable, you can still open the door from the outside, utilising the easy to operate emergency release by authorised personnel.

This cubicle system provides a 25% more useable width compared to conventional cubicles.

The inward opening push door due to the innovative design, can be quickly and easily changed to an outward opening door, via a two-step latch turn.

 Floorspace Saving 33 % +  Floorspace Saving   - Reduced cubicle depth from 1500mm (current standard) to 1100mm or as per Ideal Standard / Armitage Shanks  sanitary ware product list.


Increased User Space -Enlarged cubicle entrance width - no pilaster required as standard.


Emergency Access Maximum Safety - in the event of an emergency a single authorised operator, can change the direction of the door to outward opening with a universal key.


The Alaglide® solution by Crawford Integrated Systems  offers a revolutionary emergency access mechanism and unique space saving solution.

Crawford Integrated Systems Alaglide® Cubicle Range is the perfect choice for tight spaces. The use of Solid Grade Laminate doors and partitions ensures this system has the highest quality components suitable for all environments. Compared to the traditional swing method the mechanical movement of this system, sees the door positioned entirely along one of the two side panels, not taking up any space.

Operating without the aid of hinges and frames the doors roto-translation and sliding action provides a gain of between 36% & 66% in terms of overall available space within the washroom.

A further benefit of this sliding action is, the user does not have to move position to open and close the door which is hugely beneficial to disabled users.

Alaglide® Cubicle Range comes complete with a unique emergency exit mechanism, operated with a universal safety key. To ensure maximum safety, the universal safety key allows authorised personnel only, to enter by releasing the door panel turning it into an outwards-opening swing door. This swift two step method can be performed by a single person ensuring no time is lost should there be an emergency situation.

Additional key features with this system are adjustable feet from 120 / 150mm, finger protection seals and external handle and latch turn token.


Alaglide® Cubicle System  (1980mm high)


Doors, Divisions & Panel Specification:
• 12mm Compact Solid Grade Laminate.
• Black core radius & polished edge finish.


  • Also available in10mm toughened float glass

Standard Dimensions:
• 1980mm overall height (c/w 150mm adjustable leg) x 1100mm minimum depth, based on 800mm cubicle centres

Polycarbonate/Aluminium Ironmongery:
• Sliding Door Kit -Top and bottom sprung arms.
• Leg - Adjustable 120-150mm.
• Extruded Aluminium Head Rail complete with end caps.
• Continuous Wall Chanel.
• Emergency Access Key.
• Indicator - Turn & Pull Handle.
• Locating Indicator Keep.

(Toilet Roll Holder & Accessories available upon request)


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